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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Nov 5, 2017

We're feeling better, so that means it is time to eat pre-packaged foods. And this week we have quite a selection. A box labeled "Biscuits and Lollies" has arrived from Australia, and so we have a selection of treats from Down Under! Added to that, Ursula stopped by Trader Joe's to find what might be new...

Oct 22, 2017

This week we may be short on foods, but we're not short on people! We have SofaWolf press, Birder Friend Tina, Tina's Husband Bruce, and Vicky from Habitica to assist us with this week's food madness. And it is madness, because we managed to find Mystery Oreos, and let me tell you, they are something unexpected. 


Oct 15, 2017

After a particularly difficult week, we're having a quiet-ish brunch and trying out some jellies and jams sent to us by you, the listeners. We also (FINALLY) read some of your letters, talk about beans, and generally chill.

We even have more Bacon Jam, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To.

Oct 8, 2017

So while I was on the road this last week, Ursula went to the post-office to see what was waiting. You fine folks sent us so much stuff the owner just put all the boxes in ONE BIG BOX! And as it was taking up space on the kitchen table, we decided to eat as much as we could from the box of boxes for this show.


Sep 17, 2017

We were looking through the podcast food stash, and what should we find but an unopened box! A box full of goodies (and not so goodies) as well as an amazing piece of art. We also have a bunch of frozen foods we picked up at the grocery store, more things from our international travels, and tequila and whiskey made...